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VCPU ذاكرة (RAM) قوة المعالج تخزين (NVMe) نقاط GEEKBENCH Bandwidth Price
2 vCPU 2 GB 1.9GHz2 core 35 GB
20 TB $12.99/ Monthlyخصم %12 Order now
3 vCPU 4 GB 2.1GHz3 core 80 GB
20 TB $17.99/ Monthlyخصم %12 Order now
4 vCPU 8 GB 2.8GHz4 core 150 GB
20 TB $35.99/ Monthlyخصم %10 Order now
8 vCPU 16 GB 3.4GHz8 core 240 GB
20 TB $55.99/ Monthlyخصم %9 Order now
16 vCPU 32 GB 3.8GHz16 core 350 GB
20 TB $109.99/ Monthlyخصم %8 Order now

FiveM Hosting Features

Hostafi offers you a package for hosting FiveM at reasonable prices and strong features, the most important of which are:

NVMe hard disks

Hostafi servers equipped with high-speed and high-performance NVMe disks

DDoS Protection

Hostafi servers are protected from all annoying DDoS attacks


You can install the real life scripts on the server easily

Why Hostafi ?

With Hostafi, you can get your server immediately after payment and other features, the most important of which are:

Game Panel

Hostafi servers come with an easy to use control panel and by using this panel you can manage your server easily.

Speed connection

We provide you with powerful servers located in Europe with a very fast connection and without any problems.


Through the control panel, you can install mods within click


Some mods need a database, Hostafi provides you this option.

Protection and Safety

We can counter any DDoS attacks your server encounters for free at no charge.

Customer Support

Our support is available around the clock to provide assistance.

How to order a new FiveM Server

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but we guarantee you to acrive the server within a maximum of 24 hours after paying the bill.

After the server is finished, you will get the server data and it can be controlled via the Remote Desktop.

Of course, there are YouTube tutorials for how to install the script on a FiveM RDP Server.

Yes, you have 24 hours to return the amount in the event that you do not like the service, with a simple deduction of the amount.