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We at Hostafi strive to reach out to talented content makers for mutual benefit. We have partnership plans that suit everyone, whether you are a new content creator or a veteran content creator, and whether you own a channel, a page, or even a website that specializes in gaming content.


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Do you want to enter the Hostafi Partner Program and get a lot of advantages? Contact us via Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Hostafi partner gets many advantages, the most important of which is one of the Hostafi services for free, but in return he is obligated to advertise the Hostafi services on the famous platform. Hostafi offers him special offers for his followers, and through the discount code, the partner receives a percentage of the profits.

Unfortunately no, Hostafi targets influential people in the world of technology in general and the world of games in particular. Owners of channels, pages or famous websites have the right to participate in the Hostafi Partner Program.

Visit our Discord and open a new ticket there and send us the link to your channel or page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

The partner has the right to choose any of the Hostafi services.